About Sateri


Sateri Systems Inc., formed in 2001 in Houston, Texas, has a team of individuals coming from leading IT global consulting firms like IBM, Oracle Corp, Price water house Coopers, and Tata Consultancy Services. The primary focus of Sateri Systems is building expertise into Information Technology Consulting in the Telecommunications industry. Systems Integration is both our mission as well as our methodology.

Sateri Systems has also formed a pool of expert professionals in the field of enterprise level solutions (SAP, Oracle Applications). It has executed a SAP design review contract for Ernst and Young Brazil at Rio de Janeiro.


To design, develop and implement IT products to improve quality of life.

Our Competitive advantage :

Our Value is in providing a secure, reliable and scalable information infrastructure.

Several management awards and recognitions from IBM as well as ICMS clients have given us confidence in bringing value to customers. Hands on experience of ICMS versions V2.7 to V5.1 helps to shape our ideas.

Our customers get the benefit of “out-partnering” with our India based ‘Development Center of excellence’ in various knowledge management and development aspects of the project.

Our people :

Sateri Systems is a think-tank focused on mastering Information Management in the area of IBM AS/400, Palm OS and JAVA related technologies and specialized skill-set in Customer Care and Billing software systems. Sateri Systems has a strong and committed pool of resources that have been the thought leaders in this field for the last ten years. We have articulated innovative ways of maximizing full profit potential of every customer. We have been able to visibly, verifiability and significantly reduce total operating costs, radically improve productivity in an already understood critical success factor, or enable previously unavailable strategic capabilities.