How We Work?

Sateri partners with clients to provide measurable bottom-line business results.

The Sateri Partnership

When we talk about partnership, we mean shared risk and shared reward. Our goal is to provide outstanding value for clients, and the best way to assure we are aligned with our client’s goal is to share risks and rewards.

We do this by…

The Sateri Process


Clarify Business Purpose

• Understanding the purpose of the investment.

• Considering ways to create more value

• Identifying key business metrics/KPIs to achieve

Develop and Test Prototype

• Mock-up the application (rough sketch of look and feel)

• Test mock-up with prospects to assure it will meet business goals

• Adjust design as needed before developing

Create Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

• Identify the core product elements – minimum needed for user acceptance

• Building the MVP

• Solicit feedback on MVP

• Adjusting final product design based on feedback

Create Full Product

• Building out complete product based on learning from MVP cycle

• Testing all aspects of product

• Penetration testing for security

Scale Product

• Stress test for at least double the expected number of users

• Building out infrastructure for full deployment/growth

• Define usage level triggers that determine when to expand infrastructure.

Transfer Knowledge

• Delivering full code-base and project documents to client – client owns code

• Working with client’s internal development team (if desired) to hand off knowledge so that they can support the product

After-Engagement Support

• Providing bug fixes and additional development as needed

• Providing knowledge support to internal team as needed