HIPAA complaint Email encryption

Ccure Pro

Scope Overview:

Ccure Pro Services has been designed for various professional service providers like Accounting Services, Payroll-Tax processing,  Financial Services, Real Estate, Legal, and Research firms. We provide secure communications platform for professionals to need to protect their client’s confidential and business critical information. It is very important to be able to exchange data safely with clients, Ccurepro provides that confidence to you and your clients.

  • Certified HIPAA Compliant (even if you’re not in healthcare, that means it’s secure)

  • Completely secure system from end-to-end

  • Secure email and chat

  • Secure file transfer with others (keeps HIPAA compliance when transferring information)

  • Enterprise contact book, automatically keep the contacts up to date in client’s phone-book

  • Administrative reports

  • Off-line data security

  • Automatic data destruction on mobile devices

  • Lost mobile device data security-both encryption and remote data destruction

CcurePro provides secure audit reporting so that you can maintain compliance with federal regulations without spending days compiling information for an audit.Often, critical data is transferred between customers and service companies. Ccure Pro Services makes all these communications secure.

Staffing Size:

PM – 1, JAVA Developers – 3, Graphic Desiner – 1, HTML/CSS Developer – 1, Testing – 2

Key Deliverables:

Skillset Used: Java, GWT, Vaadin, Spring, Hibernate, Jersey-REST, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript