Saleforce Management case studies

Salesforce Warrior

Scope Overview:

Salesforce Warrior Solution is one stop solution for organizations with field sales forces in the finance vertical

Main feature of the systems includes:

1 Roster Management

2 Product / Instrument [Insurance & Finance Instruments] Inventory

3 Order Booking and Sales Tracking

4 Incentive / Commission Tracking

5 Employee Portal

6 Customer Portal

7 Analytical reports

Staffing Size:

Project Managers – 1, Technical Leads – 1, Java Developers – 5, Graphic Designers – 1, Testing – 3

Project Duration:

6 months

Key Deliverables:

Web Based Software Solution

Solution Documentation

Skillset Used: Spring, Hibernate, Jersey-REST, JSON, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, JQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, iReport