Hospital / Clinical Pharmacy Information System case studies

Hospital / Clinical Pharmacy Information System (PHIS)

Scope Overview:

Integrated Hospital / Clinical Pharmacy Information Solution providing Patient Management, Inventory and Pharmacy Management system. Decision support with integration with MIMS drug database. Consolidation and mapping of data centrally for trends across hospital chains.

Main feature of the systems includes:

1 Out/In Patient, Ward Pharmacy and Order Management

2 Pharmacy Inventory Management

3 Drug Information, Medication Counseling

4 Medication Error & Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring

5 Data Mining & Decision Support

6 Interface to 3rd Party Services like MIMS, MERS, PIS, LIS, EMR & Billing

7 Analytical reports

Staffing Size:

Project Managers – 5, Technical Leads – 3, System Analysts – 10, Subject Mater Experts – 3, Java Developers – 30, Graphic Designers – 3, Testing – 10

Project Duration:

24 months.

Key Deliverables:

Web Based Software Solution

Solution Documentation

Technologies Used: Spring, Hibernate, Jersey-REST, JSON, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, JQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jboss 5, JBossESB, Cognos, Oracle