Mobile Direct Marketing Product Catalog

Most cost effective way to publish and get customer attention to promote your products.mCatalog is an online portal to create your OWN mobile catalog on iPhone, iPad and Android Phone. mCatalog is the fastest & easiest way to publish catalogs on mobile platforms with your own branded native apps on Iphone and Android.



For mCatalog Clients

  1. Convert your existing printed product brochures into mobile electronic brochures.
  2. Create your catalog in minutes with an easy to create web portal.
  3. Unlimited number of products with pictures.
  4. Get your customized app available on both android phone and tablets as well as on iPhone and iPad.
  5. Real time updates with special offers, promotion for customers and clients directly.
  6. Communicate change in the hours of operations, location, contact details instantly.
  7. Publish Maps and Directions for customers
  8. Understand the campaigns using dynamic changes and customize offers.
  9. Publish QR or Bar code and keep it easy to collect data on POS.
  10. Ideal for single as well as multi-location outlets and mobile sales force.

For your Users/Customers

  1. Browse the product catalog using touch gestures on your device.
  2. Tap on products in the brochure to see more details.
  3. Get customize special offers and discounts.
  4. Add items to a shopping list from within the brochure the add to cart functionality and create a temporary bill in the shopping list.
  5. Find nearest location, contact numbers, hours of operations.
  6. Direct Purchase can be included on the need basis.

Product Management

mCatalog provides you the most comprehensive online portal to keep your catalog always up-to-date saving huge costs and assuring long life with customer.


Users can own one catalog with multiple categories over single account. With a simplified web-portal we can easily manage and keep the catalogs updated at real time in customer’s hand.


mCatalog allows you to manage all the categories for products and these could be filed as the hierarchy you are looking for.


Customize the titles and captions as per your industry vertical and preferences. Your app can also be further customized as per your specific needs.


Product Visualization

mCatalog enables you to present your products in a digital environment.mCatalog solution is not just for displays of product but will also enhance the entire corporate image. The customized catalog will create a positive and lasting impact in the consumers mind.

Customer Engagement- Customer Notification

mCatalog gives you a great advantage of our push notification function that would carry your message to your clients whenever you intend to.

iOS & Android Support

mCatalog solution is available on both iOS and Android.mCatalog offers you the advanced cross platform portal which you could always keep your catalogs in different platforms up-to-date by a single management system.