Loyalty Cards Management

This is the application that “brings them all together”. Use it to scan & store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and access exclusive coupons and discounts. The merchants can show the hot deals and offers they have to their customers.

Consumer touch points are exploding. Your customers are all over the place. Access them on the mobile, web, social media, malls and in your stores. M loyal – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn It takes lot of investment to build your stores and get them ready for customers, once ready it is necessary to capture information about all walk-ins and buyers. If you do not acquire, how will you retain and engage. M loyal provides widgets, utilities and strategies to acquire customers at your billing system, make customers self register with your loyalty program, join your community on Facebook and engage with you at your website.
We will work with you to streamline your footfall to bill cuts to loyalty members ratio. Loyalty members drive higher purchase, focus on building your loyal base and in return see an increase in your purchases and repeat visits.