Memberships Event Management

Salient Features

SASINca provides you with more than a website. It is a valuable, time saving administrative tool designed to eliminate the labor of running your organization.
Your member directory is always available on-line and always current. Powerful reporting features allow Administrators to search and display members based on criteria they specify. If you have an existing database of member information SASINca can upload this information for you.
Payment facility for memberships and event registration, it’s simple and quick process allows user to complete the process with ease and accuracy.
Automatically send renewal reminders and purchase confirmations
Send email newsletters, promotions, announcements and other communications with our robust email marketing engine
Track new memberships, renewals, and expirations with specialized reports
Connect members through directories with detailed contact profiles
Allow members to view attendance, registration, and payment history .

Offer Membership During Event Registration

Grow your constituency and better manage membership and sponsorship purchases by collecting dues in conjunction with event registration.

SASINca combines these tasks, making things easier for you and your members:

Existing members can renew or change their membership type quickly and easily
New members can instantly receive member rates
Membership and registration fees can be collected in one simple transaction.

Interactive On-line Event

Making members aware of your organizations activities has never been easier. Your event calendar is always current and members have instant access to any and all event information they need.

On-line Event Registration

Members can register and, if necessary, pay for any event instantly on-line. Eliminate the possibility of overbooking an event by setting attendance limits that automatically prevent too many members from signing up. Enable our Waiting List feature to make sure cancellations are filled. Designate any given event as open to the public, open to guests of members, or exclusive to members only.

Event Reminders and Updates

Increase event attendance by configuring automatic email event reminders to encourage members to attend events they have committed to on-line. Keep members abreast of any unscheduled changes to an event by sending an update to all event registrants with a single mouse click.